S8 Finale

May. 16th, 2013 08:57 am
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 Sam and Dean watched as The Angels fell but didn't notice the Arrival of Lucifer.
" Luce,your Here." Sam Said Weakly. " I've Come For You,Sammy."
"Gonna Heal you up and Have you Lookin good in no time." Lucifer said helping sam up.
" Your Brothers and Sis-" Sam Said Before Lucifer put his finger to sam's lips.
"I Know Samuel,i Just Hope that Their Happy." Lucifer said Choked up.
" Come On,Babe I Need To Heal You." Lucifer Picks sam up Bridal Style
" Oh Dean,Castiel has Fallen" Lucifer said. 

" What?" Dean's Heart drops. ." He's a Few Towns over." Lucifer said.
"Where are you taking,Sam?" Dean asked.
"Somewhere where he can heal Properly." Lucifer said.
"I'm Gonna take good care of you." Lucifer said to an Unconscious Sam.

"Dean." Lucifer Said tearfully." I Know Your Gonna Take care of Castiel."
"I Don't even have to ask,do I?" Dean asked looking at Lucifer.
"Samuel,was Always Mine." Lucifer Said Stretching out his Wings.
"Just Like Little Castiel was always yours."
"Your Right,Lucifer.' Dean Said Wiping his Tears.
"Dean,Find My Little Brother and Take Care of Him." Lucifer said.
" I will always Find Him" Dean said Getting in the Impala and Driving off.
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