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Love of the Sea
It was Around Midnight That Fateful Night,when Killian Found Bae floating in the Ocean.There was Something about the Boy that he Couldn't Place,Maybe it was the Way he looked at him when the boy thought Killian wasn't watching,Maybe it was Something Else entirely.

Something was Happening between them. Friendship,A Father/Son Thing,Something more.
Whatever it is they couldn't Define it.

one day,while they were staying in this small town. Killian got the idea to Take Bae to the Local Pub.
The Boy was No Longer A Boy, He was growing into a Man. Before turning 18,They Mostly Kissed and Slept in Bed together.

"Killian?" Baelfire Said getting the Pirate's Attention. "Yes Bae?" Killian said shining his Hook.  "You Said we'd wait until i Turned 18." Baelfire said voice sounding Small and shy.Both Men knew that Bae wasn't shy he was the one Who always made the first move.
Killian was Just happy to Follow wherever his Boy lead him. "Well it's your birthday,My Love" Killian said coming up to the Boy and Clasping his hand onto the Boy's cheek. Killian didn't know what it was but when they crossed paths again,he apologized for when they first met and Desperately asked the boy if they could start over. They Gradually fell in Love and when Killian had Gotten Bae to his Destination,The Two could not Part, Bae Had Truly fallen for the Pirate. " Why haven't you Left me ship,Lad?" Killian said Voice wavering.
" I don't Believe i can,Killian" Baelfire said walking up to the Pirate." Why?" Killian asked Gripping the Steering wheel too tightly.
' I Have Fallen deeply in Love With you,Captain Jones." Baelfire said Putting his hands on the Pirate's Chest and Looking up into his eyes.
"Aye Lad,It seems i have fallen for you as well." Killian Replied Sweeping Bae's Hair out of his face.
 The Pirate Leaned in to Kiss The Boy when Bae was Brought back to the Time period their in and Smiled at Himself.
"You Ready,bae?" Killian asked. "Yes i am,Couldn't find my hat but never mind." the barkeep saw Killian and His Crew Come in.
" What can i do you for?" He Asked.
" Yes,I Believe today is My boy's Birthday." Killian pointed at Bae and bae Blushed.
Hearing Killian Call Him m'Boy did things to Bae and He tried to hide and not don't anything about it.
"What will you be having?" The Barkeep asked Bae. "Rum,Please" The Boy Asked.
The barkeep slid a mug across the bar to the boy and He Looked at it and then Killian who Laughed
."Baelfire My Love,it's ok" Killian said softly.
the Boy drinks the mug of rum and it taste good to him. He Looks At Killian with the Most Seductive look he can Muster.
"Excuse Me lads,me and bae have some business to attend to." Killian said taking Bae by the waist and Leading him out of the bar.
Killian couldn't take it anymore,he Threw Baelfire over his shoulder and Made his way onto the jolly roger.
they were already  on the ship and at the door of killian's chambers when bae told Killian to put him down,the pirate complied and kissed baelfire passionately. once in the room killian turned around and suddenly found himself with an Armful of Bae.
The Older man pressed his lips upon the younger man's and lapped at bae's asking for purchase into his mouth.
when baelfire granted him access,they kissed with the passion and Love that Killian had never experienced before.
Killian and Bae were filled with so much love that they wanted to pour it in to each other.
 Killian and bae broke apart so both men could get undressed. "bae in the drawer,there is Lubrication."Killian said softly.
baelfire reached into the drawer and pulled out the bottle." Spread your legs,i'll try to be as Gentle as i can my love." Killian said pushing bae onto his back and settling between his legs to resume kissing him. The Men Kissed like they had earlier and both had slid their hand into the Other's hand stroking their dicks in unison. Killian went from bae's lips to his neck biting and Sucking on his neck.
Bae Moaned in approval while he continued stroking killian who bit down on Bae's Neck eliciting a Moan that dizzied the Pirate.
" Boy You'll Be My Undoing,no more of that." Killian said letting the boy go.Bae sat up on his Elbows and looked at the man before him.
He was quite Proud,to know that him and only him could unravel the Pirate like this."Put your Leg on my shoulder." Killian said.
bae did as he was told and picked up the bottle pouring an Healthy amount onto Killian's hand he rubbed his fingers onto bae's hole then killian pushed his finger into the boy who moaned Loudly. "You ok,My Love?" Killian asked. " Yes Killian,i'm fine keep going." The Boy breathed through the second finger going in,Killian Sliding the two fingers and out crooking them and Bae Moaning for all he's worth.
Scissoring his fingers and kissing his way up the boy's chest. "killian,i'm ready please." Bae said Breathlessly.
 he then got one of the pillows and put it behind bae and layed him back. Lining himself up to Bae's Hole,He Pushed in Bae Moaning Softly.
"Your Ok,right bae?" Killian said with a Smile." Yes,Killian i'm fine keep going." Bae said Smiling.
Killian started Moving his hip and Brushing his hand through Bae's hair. " You Look so beautiful like this." Killian said through each Thrust.
Baelfire puts his hands on Killian's back,dragging his nail down. Bae wished in that Moment that Him And Killian could stay like this.
Killian thrusting into him,Bae's legs wrapped around the Pirate's Waist. Killian Gently lays bae back down still fucking him slowly.
He wraps his fist around the boy's dick slowly pumping in time with the thrust of his hips. Killian can feel himself about to climax.
Bae Close behind him.Killian lays back down on top of bae kissing him as they Both Cum. Killian then rolls off of Bae closing his arms around the boy's waist. he kisses the boy's neck. " I Love you,Bae" Killian said turning the boy around to face him."I Love You too.Killian." Bae said.
The two Men layed there in bed.
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