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On Monday,May 2,1983 Sam Winchester was Born and it was also the day his angel had been pulled out of hell. Lucifer sat there in the house and waited for his father to show up.
A Man Walked into the room and sat Down at the Desk. "Um,who are you?" Lucifer asked.
"Samael,it's been too long "God said. "Father?"lucifer asked. "Father,you raised me from the cage?" God nodded."why,I thought you were Furious with me?" Lucifer asked.
"I've decided to give you a Second chance."God said smiling.
"What would I have to do?"Lucifer asked with a hopeful look on his face.
"The soul that you had in Heaven,it found it's home"God told lucifer."He's ok?"Lucifer asked.
"Yes Samael,he's fine"God chuckled."I have assigned you to him"God said as he sipped his Coffee.
"you want me to be his Guardian?"Lucifer asked.
"Yes Samael,you are to guard him and watch over him."god said.
"Yes sir,I will"Lucifer said Proudly.
"Before you go to him,you will need a Vessel."God tells Lucifer.
"Come Samael,it's time to meet Nick Olsen"
Lucifer and God show up at Nick's house. Nick turns around and looks At God.
"Can I help you?"Nick asks."why yes you can"god says.
"My Name is Chuck Shurley and my son needs you." Nick just looks at Chuck and blinks.
"I don't know why,but I believe you" Nick said.
"How can I help him?" Lucifer hovers over nick and tells him
"I need to use you, To Guard over my Boy,may i take you as my Vessel?" Nick closes his eyes and Whispers yes. When Samael and Nick become one it's nothing like he's ever felt before.
"Thank you for this,Father"Lucifer says as he feels tears fall from nick's face.
"Go to him,Samael" God tells him."Protect that boy and love him"
Lucifer uncloaks his wings Spread them and Flies.
Lucifer lands in Sam's Nursery and when he walks towards the crib ,sam's soul and Lucifer's Grace intertwine.
"Samuel,it's been Centuries since we last seen Each Other"lucifer tells the sleeping baby.
"Your just as beautiful as I remember." Lucifer trails a finger down the child's face and smiles.
"Another angel?" A voice says.lucifer turns around and sees Mary Winchester standing by the door.
"Which one are you?"Mary asks him."My Father Calls me Samael,but you humans gave me another name" lucifer says. "When I fell I became Lucifer,your son knew me as Samael"
"Your my Son's Guardian Angel?"Mary asked him.
"Yes,my father decided to give me another chance by reuniting Sam and I" Mary looked at lucifer and Smiled. "You knew my son?" Mary asked. "When my Grace and his soul were one"lucifer replied fondly.
"You really love my boy,don't you?"Mary asked lucifer. "More than anything"Lucifer says.
When Sam was elementary school ,lucifer would always go with Mary to pick Sam up.
Sam's face cracked into a Smile everytime he saw Mary and lucifer come to the school.
Sam was in love with lucifer and never missed a chance to tell him. before Sam went to bed lucifer would always tell him about when they were in heaven and it would make the boy smile everytime.
there would be times were Sam would dream about him and lucifer in Heaven,Soul and Grace circling each other in the form of a circle. "Sammy,wake up."Lucifer whispered in sam's ear.
"Lucifer,don't you have to be up there?"Sam asked.
"Come on,Sam I haven't been to heaven in centuries." Lucifer tells him.
"I've been with you since you were a baby."
"I know that Luce,but what if I've outgrown you?" Sam asks him with a serious face.
Lucifer wrapped his arms around the younger boy.
"now you have to get up so you can go to school."Lucifer kisses Sam on his shoulder and gets out of his bed.
While Sam was at school all he could think about was his angel And he tried to stay focused during his Classes.
that night after dinner, Sam and Lucifer layed in bed."Sam,you could never outgrow me."lucifer told Sam.
"we were made for each other,my grace and your soul are connected" Sam snuggles into Lucifer's arms.
"is that what that thing is that feels like it's pulling us together." Sam asked him.
"yes,Sam"lucifer confirms. Tomorrow's the weekend,what do you want to do?" Lucifer asked.
"I would like to go somewhere nice,just you and me" Sam said trailing patterns on Lucifer's chest.
"I could arrange that,Sam " Lucifer sat up on his elbow looking at Sam.
"Maybe we should just stay home." Sam said smirking at lucifer."That's fine cause I don't feel like sharing you with anyone."
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